Hyères (5/2)

Today was spent mostly just walking around this beautiful medieval city.  Although most of the buildings are private, the facades and the general ambiance was really interesting.  We did climb up the Knights Templar tower.  From the top you could see the city below.  We then walked up the hillside past St Paul’s church.  Unfortunately, it was closed for renovation.  Unfortunate because it houses over 400 ex votos.  These pieces of art are offerings by worshippers seeking grace or in gratitude for some miracle.  Further up the hill was Villa Noailles built between 1023 & 1927 in the cubist style.  We walked up to it but it too was closed.  From there we climbed up to the castle ruins which overlook the city.  We’ve done a lot of medieval castles ruins.  This was not really different but like all such castles, impressive views.  After all, they were intended as protection from enemies and the top of hills works best.

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