Hyères to Chasteuil (5/3)

Today was a travel day.  We are leaving Hyères and returning to N&P’s B&B in Chasteuil.  But first, we need to take a side to St Tropez.  We wanted to at least see the place and get a cup of expensive coffee.  We also wanted to get one of the famous pastries called Tropezienne, a mixture of two smooth creams in a brioche.  On the way, we stopped at a beach area called Gigaro and ate the sandwiches we brought.  Lovely beach.  Then on to St Tropez.

There is one road leading into and out of St Tropez.  It is three lanes, 2 in one direction and 1 in the other.  Today, they were doing roadwork and closed 2 of the 3 lanes.  The traffic jam was monumental since only one lane of traffic could go by the work.  We inched along but eventually got to the old port.  Found a parking place and we went for a walk around the port.  Two things struck me.  The mega yachts docked in the port and the small shops that lined the harbor.  The shops were actually not very expensive.  We had a cup of coffee which was not nearly as expensive as we anticipated and then went to a pastry shop for our Trapezienne.  This was going to be our dessert tonight in Chasteuil.

We then went back through the ridiculous traffic jam to head to Chasteuil about 2 hours away.  It was like coming home.  Wonderful.  We were met by Louisa, a friend of N&P who used to live in Chasteuil with them.  We had met her on a previous trip.  She had prepared dinner for us.  A very delicious soup, just what we needed.  For desert we had our St. Tropezienne.  We all agreed, it wasn’t that impressive.  Then, Pascal mentioned that a bakery in Castellane (biggest town near Chasteuil) baked a St. Tropezienne which was much better than the one we bought.  We’ll check it out.


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