Chasteuil & Castellane (5/4-5/6)

Hang out in Chasteuil…yah!!!

After traveling for a couple of weeks, this was almost like coming home.  We have spent enough time here that it is very familiar.  Not that it was relaxing.  N&P had 8 guests for tonight.  That meant doing dinner.  That meant shopping.  So mid-morning Pascal and Tai took off for Castellane with a long shopping list.  I stayed home to try and catch up on blogging.  Castellane is a lovely smallish town.  There’s a farmer’s market in the town square and a supermarket a couple of blocks away.  There is a narrow, twisty 2 lane road with the Verdun river on one side and a steep rock wall on the other.  I rather dislike driving this road because French driver treat it as a race track.  they tend to drift over the center line unless there is a car directly coming at them.  Motorcycles are even worse.

So the shoppers got back safely.  We unload the truck and put stuff away.  Then it was time to start dinner preparations.  Tai and I pitched in.  the main course was chicken/apricot tagine.  Guests were served about 7pm.  By the time desert was served and we got to eat it was 9pm.  then cleanup and bed.

The next day was our last full day.  Nancy did here thing dealing with B&B reservations and Pascal took care of various chores.  Both seem to put in many hours a day.  Tai & I went for a walk along the trail east of the village.  Then we packed out stuff in preparation for our departure tomorrow.  Before long, it was time to prepare dinner for 10 guests.  This was a vegetable soup.  Same routine and then bed.

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