Chasteuil to Berkeley (5/7)

We left Chasteuil about mid-morning for the drive to Nice.  Like I said yesterday, we have been here long enough that I felt we were leaving, not just passing through.  We really like being here.

The drive to Nice was uneventful.  We checked into our hotel for the night.  With some time to spare, we walked across the highway to the airport and got our boarding passes.  We had dinner at the hotel which was only ok but convenient.  Then the usual Bed, breakfast and then off to catch our plane.  Nice to Heathrow.  I still don’t like that airport.  Way to much walking and then bus ride then more walking to get from one terminal to another.  They don’t announce departure gates until just before boarding so you end up hanging out in a huge central waiting area and then rushing to get to the gate.  Again, the Virgin Atlantic flight was good.  Not great but definitely better than most.  The meal was good and there was a large selection of movies.

Kyoko picked us up at SFO.  It was definitely nice to be home.

This ends the blog.  I hope that you enjoyed reading it.  The text gave some context for Tai’s photos.  Understand, Tai had to cull almost 3,000 picture to get just what you see.  You can imagine how many other good ones that did not get selected.  I know that for some, just getting to the blog and navigating around the blog was not easy.  I will take into account the feedback I have gotten and try and improve the experience next time.

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