Chasteuil day 1

Today we are not going anywhere. So Tai & I  spent the morning just hanging out.  Well, I spent most of the time getting going on this blog.  Needed to figure out how to add pictures.  Nancy & Pascal left mid-morning to take care of some very important business.  More on that later.

About 11:30, Tai &  decided to take a hike up towards the plateau.  We really needed the exercise after traveling for two days.  The plateau is a large flat meadow about two miles away and about 1000 ft higher elevation.  We didn’t make it to the plateau.  We needed to keep going for another 30 minutes or so but we were tired.  We had been climbing for 1 1/2 hours.  Here are some of Tai’s pictures

We got back and obviously rested.

Nancy & Pascal returned about 5pm.  They were very excited.  Nancy had just signed the papers to purchase a house in Chasteuil and about 1.2 acres of land next to it.  The house is about 100 ft from the Gite and the land is right across the road from the Gite.  The piece of land is zoned for agricultural use.  The house is very old.  The basement dates from 16th century and it is the oldest house in the village.  The title calls it the Chateau.  The current owner has lived in it for about ten years.  He is one of these people who continually works on his house and land so it is in really fine condition.  New plumbing and electricity.  The interior has been beautifully restored and retains the original feel.

A short while later, they gave Nancy her first real look at the place.  They invited us to come.  We were blown away.  Here are a few pictures.


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