Chasteuil day 2

A very quiet day.  Nancy and Pascal were busy taking care of business.  I continued to get this blog organized.  I think I’m getting it.  If anybody is looking at it, let me know what you think.  Tai spent the day just puttering around.  Did some gardening for Nancy.  She helped N&P organize the guest room with the new furniture they had purchased.  Talked about how to reorganize the living area.  She and Nancy visited with some friends in the village.  A pretty mundane day.

12 thoughts on “Chasteuil day 2

  1. Ramona miller

    Hi again,

    Fire looks like a beautiful place especially all the views. if you get time can you please let me know you received this message.


    1. Ryn

      Agree, Kyoko. Apparently, “mundane” is yet another quality that is relative. In addition to the rainbow, the basaltic columns in the distance, beautiful light fixture in the B&B, abundance of spring–all add up to a mundane day…in a little slice of heaven 😍😮😊

  2. Susan

    How about brief captions on the photos? Maybe not the beautiful flower ones but the ones with people or action or interesting locations?

  3. Karen Davis

    I am LOVING this blog! Tai you have your DAUGHTER’s photographic eye (I don’t think I have that backwards, right, Kyoko?) Doug: nice narration. That landscape is so dramatic and beautiful!
    Question: one of the photos is of a building/house wall with an indentation built into it, in which is seated some sort of rounded teardrop-shaped large stone…what is that – a hand grinding stone of some sort??
    Karen in Berkeley

    1. admin Post author

      We asked Nancy and Pascal about the stone in the wall. Apparently, it’s a river rock from the Verdon river. The indentation was where the mail was placed. The rock held down the mail. It’s no longer used for that purpose. or it’s a tear drop from the gods of the Verdon river and brings good luck to the residents of Chasteuil.


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