la Camargue (4/25)

Today we are going to the Camargue.  This unique region is a vast delta formed by two branches of the Rhône river.  This wetland is home to wildlife that includes the famous black bulls, white horses and pink flamingos as well as a wide assortment of other birds and animals.  Because of the accumulation of centuries of silt, the salt marshes are frequently only six feet deep.  It has a world wide reputation as a regional National Park.  But first, we went to Aigues-Mortes.

This walled city built by Louis IX was a staging area for the crusades.  It was a port city.  Although it was rather far from the Mediterranean ships reached it via canals.  Now days, it is surrounded by flat marshes and is mostly a tourist destination.  For us, the draw was the wall that surrounded the city.  The top is wide and offers an excellent walk around the town.  You can view both the town with it’s several hundred years old houses and the outside landscape.  A nice place for a short visit.

Then on to the Camargue proper.  We did this area by car along 2 lane roads that ran next to the marshes.  This gave us an excellent opportunity to view wildlife.  As you can see from Tai’s pictures, there was lot’s to see.  The flamingos were quite spectacular.  And just the view out over these vast salt marshes was beautiful.

By early evening we headed back to Arles.  Dinner was tagines and couscous at a local Moroccan restaurant.  By that time, we were all quite tired.  Back to the hotel and bed.

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