Cassis to Hyères (5/1)

Today was a travel day.  We left our more tourist oriented town to a much older city dating back to fourth century BC.

Our B&B was in the old town.  It reminded me of a San Francisco Victorian with 12ft ceilings.  Today was Sunday and also May 1st, Labor day.  The streets were very quiet.  Most of the shops were closed and many of the restaurants were also closed.  That made lunch a bit of a challenge.

After lunch, Pascal took us on a tour of Giens.  This peninsula sticks out into the Mediterranean.  The road runs down one side of the peninsula beside a beach out to the end.  At the end, one one side is small fishing port, Le Port du Niel.  Then, across the tip is another port, La Tour Fondue, which offers ferries to the offshore islands.  All around the peninsula are shoreline vacation rentals.

For dinner, Nancy researched pizza places.  She found one that got great reviews.  We ordered two pizzas.  Pascal & I walked over and picked them up.  The parlor was a little tiny place with no seating .  In the back was a wood fired oven that the pizza maker said was built by his father.  This clearly was a several generation business.  The cook was very surprised that we had even found the place.  By the way, the pizzas were quite good.

After dinner I connected my computer to the tv and we watched Portlandia on YouTube.  Then to bed.

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